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06 Dec

A Movie Night to Remember

Posted by Corbin Baker

At Mamie+James, we firmly believe that the bond between a bride and her bridesmaids should be celebrated with Very Fashionable Parties! 

Since it’s summertime, may we suggest a vintage-themed Outdoor Movie Night*?

Consider it a Great Gatsby-esque alternative to the traditional bachelorette bash, or follow up the movie screening with a faux awards-ceremony in which each bridesmaid receives her dress and gives a speech.

Or, simply use the warm June/July evenings as an excuse to celebrate all things glamourous with a gathering of your favorite gals.

It’s sweet, breezy, and it’ll make a big impression. Just set up a bed sheet in the backyard, have plenty of champagne and popcorn on hand, and pick out your favorite black-and-white flick (extra points if it ends in a wedding!).

We looked to the ever-lovely CAKE party-planning blog for inspiration.

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