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About M+J

"I hope that every girl who wears a M+J dress feels just as special as I used to when my Mamie created something fabulous for me. 
These dresses are meant to be danced in, laughed in, and loved in." -l.james
Loren is a lady motivated by history and romance—whether she’s strolling the halls of Versailles, or poring over piles of vintage buttons in a dusty Southern junk shop, she’s endlessly inspired by beautiful things with a history. And the story behind her label, Mamie+James, is just as romantic: the “Mamie” in Mamie+James is actually Loren’s grandmother, who traveled the world with the love of her life, James. Their journey took them from Morocco to Texas; and Mamie’s eye for design (and flair for putting together a great party ensemble) inspired Loren to follow her dreams and create a line of fun-to-wear dresses with an historic twist.