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18 Feb

Little White Dress Giveaway!

Posted by Loren James
Oh, hey! It's almost SPRING and wedding season is almost upon us. I've teamed up with Hera Rentals for a lovely LWD giveaway. It's super simple to enter, just rent your bridesmaid's dresses with Hera and you are automatically entered to win a LWD just for you. Perfect for bridal showers or a second dress to wear for your wedding reception. Hurry because the giveaway ends this month! 
Love + Dresses,
01 Jan

The Styled Trousseau

Posted by Loren James

m+j the styled trousseau

The Styled Trousseau has been in my creative thoughts in various forms for a couple of years now, but it never took full shape until a recent conversation with a friend. You know those conversations, the ones where you're dreaming small and your friend knows your potential is much larger. So for months I focused in, researched other creatives with fabulous products that could join The Styled Trousseau, and giggled with delight while working late nights in the M+J studio preparing all packaging. It has been the best creative outlet to work on something somewhat different, to free up space in my head, and to collaborate with new creatives who have dreams just as big as mine. 

m+j the styled trousseau grand box

The idea for the trousseau came from the packages Mamie used to carefully package for me with her signature flashes of gold within the box. As with everything Mamie+James, I try to stay true to what Mamie would have done and lovingly pass it on to y'all. But I also thought, hmm, I have a lot of brides that order their custom garters a week before their wedding (yikes!!). I wondered what else brides may be remembering last minute and ultimately not having on their big day. Was it the something old, something blue, the perfect signature fragrance just for her wedding day, or was it earbuds so the bride could haver her music while her hair is being coiffed? And that's where The Styled Trousseau came into play and made total sense. A heartfelt package filled with heirloom-worthy items. All lovingly made and lovingly curated.

m+j the styled trousseau box set

I've teamed up with blogger, Megan Acosta, over on Glamour & Grace to give away the very first sample of The Styled Trousseau (launching soon)! Go to her site to enter to win, but hurry because there are just a few more hours left! The Styled Trousseau in the giveaway includes:

  • M+J No.37 Silk Chiffon Georgette Adjustable Garter
  • M+J Toss Garter
  • Apothea & Co. Love Potion in Rose Pomegranate
  • Apothea & Co. Lip Kit in Rose Pomegranate
  • Kismet Cosmetics Velvet Lipstick in Burnout (the perfect daring red)
  • Vintage Handkerchief
  • M+J Silk Tassel Earbuds
  • M+J Hair Ties

Bonne Chance!


29 Aug

Grandmother's Lemon Icebox Bars

Posted by Loren James

Saturdays in studio are a bit of a creative ritual for me. It’s quiet, stress free, and usually the day that I work on new design ideas and sift through memories that eventually add life to the Mamie+James pieces.

Today was no exception as the last days of summer created a craving for my Grandmother Breland’s Lemon Icebox Bars. I sifted through her recipe clippings, found the recipe she loved so much, and have shared it below for y’all to try. In the South everything has a story and every story is usually accompanied by food. It’s my Grandmother’s house that has now transformed itself into the Mamie+James studio and has added to our story of family, good food, and a sparkle of southern charm. Hope you’ll give the recipe a try and feel a bit like family.

Frozen Lemon Pie (we always referred to it as Lemon Icebox)

1 ¼ Cups Cookie Crumbs (vanilla wafers, graham cracker crumbs, or if you want to make it a bit healthier you could use chopped pecans or almonds)

2 Tablespoons Butter or Margarine, Melted

2/3 Cup Evaporated Milk

3 Eggs

2/3 Cup Sugar

1/8 Teaspoon Salt

¼ Cup Lemon Juice

1 Tablespoon Lemon Rind, Grated



  1. Mix 1 cup cookie crumbs with the melted butter; spread it in an 8” pie pan or a refrigerator tray. Chill
  2. Put evaporated milk in bowl in freezer compartment until ice crystals form around edges.
  3. Beat eggs. Add sugar, salt, and lemon juice. Cook over hot water (double boiler) until thick, stirring constantly. Cool. Add lemon rind.
  4. Whip the evaporated milk.
  5. Fold whipped milk into egg mixture.
  6. Pour combined egg and whipped milk mixture over crumb crust. Top with remaining crumbs. Freeze. Cut into wedges to serve.
19 Feb

New Monogrammed Garters Debut at Pottery Barn Bridal Event, Tonight!

Posted by Loren James in adornments, custom, events, garters, monogram, tulle

We've been working on pretty little things the past few months and one that we couldn't wait to unveil are monogrammed garters! When we were invited to be a small part of Pottery Barn's Bridal Event tonight at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, GA, we couldn't resist debuting these heirloom worthy garters. The event is tonight from 6-8 PM with live music and other fun! Come join us!

If you can't make it in person and are interested in pre-ordering a fab little monogrammed garter before they are live on our site, then by all means feel free to email us at hello@mamieandjames.com for one on one personal assistance. You can customize tulle colour, monogram thread colour and style. It's $125 for a monogrammed garter and of course all garters are accompanied by a simple toss garter.

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